Reflective Running Light Belt With Zipper Pocket


Reflective Running Light Belt With Zipper Pocket


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Product description
  • Tested and weatherproof 2-in-1 solution – Designed for running, walking, cycling and more. You wont need a reflective vest or running belt because this combines  both but also works as reflective gear. Fits the majority of cell phones!
  • One-size unisex light-up belt fits most people – Thanks to the adjustable, elastic straps.
  • Lighted waterproof running belt with a highly reflective color – IP4-rated water-resistant running pouch protects your valuables from the elements! Glows brightly with safety light and reflective material protects you and your valuables day & night.
  • With this light-up running belt, you stay safe and connected – Bring your cell phone along to record your runs and to stay in touch while  moving safely through traffic.
  • Safer than a reflective vest! You won’t need other nighttime running gear or reflective running gear. All you need is this high-visibility reflective belt with glowing or flashing LEDs.

Premier Advantages at a Glance

USB-C Rechargeable

Power up with the latest in charging technology!


Built to withstand any weather!

Increased Safety

Glow with confidence in traffic!

Super Comfortable

You won't even notice you are wearing it!

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